I am pleased to announce release 1.8.0 of BrightstarDB is now available from all the usual places:

This update fixes some bugs and addresses performance issues reported by the community. Thanks to all those who took the trouble to report and to provide patches / suggested workarounds.

Key new features in this release are:

Significant fixes in this release are:

The store format remains compatible with previous releases. This is a recommended update for all BrighstarDB users.

Docker Image Now Available

With this release we are now also providing a Docker image to run a BrightstarDB server in a Docker container. This makes it really easy to get a BrightstarDB service up and running on a cloud VM infrastructure such as Azure or AWS. The docker image is available on Docker Hub. For more information please read our notes in the BrightstarDB/Docker repository on GitHub where you will also find the Dockerfile and configuration files used to build the image.