A native RDF database for the .NET platform.

Cross Platform

BrightstarDB runs on Windows, Linux, OSX, Windows Phone, Android and iOS, with a single consistent data file format across all platforms. The core libraries have a small footprint and install with zero configuration for embedded applications.

Server or Embedded

Run BrightstarDB embedded inside your own application or connect to a BrightstarDB server using either the RESTful HTTP API or the strongly-typed .NET client API.

RDF Flexibility

BrightstarDB is an RDF triplestore. It does not require the definition of a database schema, and with the RDF data model model you can easily add and integrate data of all shapes. We also implement the standard SPARQL query language, update language and protocol so you can use off-the-shelf client tools to connect to your data stores.

LINQ Simplicity

BrightstarDB provides an ORM for RDF. A custom LINQ provider maps queries against your application domain model into SPARQL queries. This provides full CRUD and query capability for strongly-typed .NET applications.

Our Store or Yours

The ORM for RDF, LINQ to SPARQL and the .NET dynamic objects API all support connecting to any SPARQL endpoint that implements SPARQL 1.1 standards. So you can choose to store your triples in BrightstarDB or any other compliant triplestore and still make use of our advanced, developer-friendly APIs.

Open Source

BrightstarDB is developed in the open on GitHub. Our code is licensed under the permissive MIT license, allowing you to use BrightstarDB in commercial and non-commercial applications alike. Community support is available from our GitHub issue tracker. Commercial support is also available from NetworkedPlanet.

From the Blog

BrightstarDB Releases on GitHub

03 October 2017

As the CodePlex site will soon be closing down, we have moved historical releases over to their corresponding tags on GitHub. This means that you can now download the current and past releases of BrightstarDB from GitHub. From this point on, all new releases will be available only via NuGet and GitHub.


BrightstarDB 1.13.3 Released

08 January 2017

A new hotfix for BrightstarDB 1.13 has just been released. This release fixes an issue with the stability of the hashcode of EntityFramework instances that caused issues for libraries using the observable interface of EF collections. This is a recommended update for all BrightstarDB users.


BrightstarDB 1.13.2 Released

08 November 2016

A hotfix for BrightstarDB 1.13.2 has just been released. This release fixes one more residual issue that was found with the implementation of the INotifyPropertyChanged interface on BrightstarDB entity collections. This is a recommended update for all BrightstarDB users.