I’ve just committed a change to the develop branch of BrightstarDB that adds support for the Xamarin.iOS PCL framework. This is an important step forward for our cross-platform mobile support as it enables you to use the latest incarnation of Xamarin.Forms to build Android, Windows Phone and iOS applications from a common code-base with BrightstarDB.

I hope to put together an introductory tutorial on this and add a sample to the next BrightstarDB release. In the meantime, if you are eager to try it out for yourself, then you can compile everything from the source in GitHub. This is best achieved on a Windows machine running Visual Studio (I recommend VS2013 with latest updates) and the Xamarin VS plugin. You will need to build the android.sln, ios.sln and portable.sln solutions all of which can be found in the src/portable directory. Alternatively you can build the NuGet packages with the following commands:

cd installer
msbuild installers.proj /t:NuGet

Note that this alternative build process will also build documentation and will therefore require that you have Sandcastle Help File Builder installed.

If you have questions please feel free to ask them on our Codeplex forum

pcl update