It has been a while since the last update, but there are some cool new features that I hope will make up for that!

Firstly we have statistics! This was an early user request that I have managed to work into the 1.4 release in a basic form. The BrightstarDB server can now gather a count of the total number of triples in the store and the number of triples for each unique predicate. This information is stored persistently and historical statistics are kept so you can track how the triples content of a store changes over time. Statistics are gathered by starting a new type of job (a StatisticsUpdate job) on the store you want to gather statistics for. APIs are provided to start the job, retrieve the latest statistics only or to retrieve all statistics that fall within a date/time range. The server can also be configured to automatically update statistics either periodically or after a certain number of update jobs have been run. For more details, check out the documentation on Store Statistics. I think it would certainly be possible to capture other statistics (for example counts of the number of instances of each unique type), but I want to keep things simple and relatively quick to calculate until there is a concrete use-case for more detailed stats.

Secondly we have snapshots! This is a new feature that enables you to make a consolidated copy of an existing store as a new store. This gives you the ability to keep replicas of your stores or to branch/fork your data sets. Again this feature is implemented as a Job and we provide an API to queue a snapshot job. When using the append-only storage mechanism, it is also possible to create a snapshot from any previous commit on the store. There is more information in the documentation on Snapshots.

snapshots statistics update