A fast, embeddable, and scalable NoSQL database for the .NET platform with code-first data model generation.

BrightstarDB Mobile

BrightstarDB for Mobile Developers

  • Supports Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8.
  • Small footprint and configuration-free install.
BrightstarDB Embedded

BrightstarDB for .NET Applications

  • Supports .NET 4.0.
  • Zero-configuration install.
BrightstarDB Server

BrightstarDB Server

  • Runs as a Windows Service
  • Redistributable client library
  • Desktop management tool
  • SPARQL and OData data publishing support
BrightstarDB Enterprise

BrightstarDB Enterprise

  • SDShare data integration server
  • Data connectors for ODBC, OData and SPARQL
  • Pluggable API for creating custom adapters
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NoSQL Entity Framework

BrightstarDB is unique in that it offers a full Entity Framework model over the underlying data store. This means developers have the flexibility of a NoSQL store but with the power and familiarity of working with typed objects when building applications.

Schema-Free Triple Store

BrightstarDB implements the powerfully simple W3C Semantic Web data model, RDF. The RDF data model uses triples to represent data of all shapes. BrightstarDB does not require the definition of fixed schema, allowing great flexibility in what data is stored and how it is connected together. This associative data model is a great fit for many real world applications.


BrightstarDB offers a fully ACID transaction model where commits never block reads, reads never block updates and reads never see uncommitted updates.

LINQ & OData Support

On .NET the language of query is LINQ. BrightstarDB has a custom LINQ implementation that maps LINQ queries into SPARQL to be run natively against the data. Through its Entity Framework any BrightstarDB store can expose an OData endpoint.

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