BrightstarDB 1.0 Release Candidate now available

We’re very excited to have got to the point of making the 1.0 release candidate available.

Major Feature

As well as the append only store BrightstarDB now supports a store format we call ‘rewrite’. This is intended to be used on phone devices or in applications that have limited disk space. Stores using the rewrite version use much less disk space.


While there are no API changes, the release candidate has a major breaking change in that all stores created with previous versions are not compatible. We needed to change the store format in order to provide the rewrite store capability and to improve transaction processing capabilities and memory footprint for large stores. We felt the improvements in stability and performance were worth changing the store format and apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

To upgrade existing stores where the data cannot be reimported or recreated export the RDF via Polaris BEFORE UPGRADING. Install the new version of BrightstarDB and re-import the RDF.

We are commited that, bar any critical bug fixes, there will be no further breaking changes to the store format for the 1.0 release and any subsequent releases will include data store migration utilities.

Thank you to all the people who have been using BrightstarDB and providing valuable feedback!

Download the BrightstarDB 1.0 Release Candidate.