BrightstarDB Public Beta Released

After a few months of a successful closed beta period, we are now pleased to announce the release of the first public beta of BrightstarDB. If you are new to this site you might want to take a read of Why BrightstarDB to understand what makes BrightstarDB special, but in short BrightstarDB is a native .NET triple-store that provides all the features of NoSQL data-stores, plus a fully functional .NET entity framework complete with support for LINQ queries. With BrightstarDB you can also easily publish your data as RDF Linked Data with a SPARQL endpoint and now also as OData. BrightstarDB scales up to enterprise-scale data and down to run on a mobile phone.

For those of you who are upgrading from the closed beta, the Whats New section of the documentation describes the new features.

BrightstarDB is available to download now. If you do download please consider adding this blog’s feed to your RSS feed reader and/or joining our Google Group where you can post questions and get answers directly from the developers.