If you are reading this in anything other than an RSS reader you will have spotted that the BrightstarDB site has had a bit of a face-lift. We have tried to tighten up the front-page blurb, make it easier to get to the things people really care about (the docs and the download) and make it not suck on a mobile phone. Hopefully we have succeeded in some (all!) of these things.

All the RSS-reading folks - sorry we borkeed your link, but at least that gave you the chance to see the shiny new website! The RSS feed has moved http://brightstardb.com/feed.xml.

The other nice thing about this change is that the blog is now GitHub Pages / Jekyll-powered which means the content is all available for you to see in GitHub. If you feel like writing something for the site, let me know - it would be totally awesome to receive a pull request to add content to the blog, and not just because it saves me writing stuff. On which note, I have migrated some of the older posts from the original BrightstarDB site, but not some of the really old technical ones. My plan is to slowly add them back either on here or into the main documentation and to rewrite them for the current BrightstarDB release.

shiny website